Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Weekend trip

All work and no play!
But we did have our share last weekend when me and Divsy went to lansdowne - can I ever forget the awesome weather and the fog setting in. I am also very happy about three things:
1. I visited 3 very famous temples of my land.
2. Clicked temples once again. (I so love clicking anything to do with God)
3. 13 abstract frames - out of the blue. I think I want to give a pat on my back for this sudden creativity. I am happy with what I got.
But I am not indulging in photography for some days - got loads of work on my plate. Guess what, I am actually enjoying it. I hardly feel like being connected to Net.
Oh and by the way, Mili is enjoying her stay at nani-house...I and manish can hardly wait to get her back - Miss you girlie. :)

Friday, August 28, 2009

Step into my shoes...

"Step into my shoes and then see things" - how often have we heard this. Pretty much every time when we have a disconnect with others. What does it really mean? Change roles and see things from other's perspective. Well, right.

Not really easy. To step into someone else's shoes, you gotta take out your own first. Which essentially means you need to leave your comfort, ego, perceptions, thoughts and expressions to be able to relate to what the other person is feeling or thinking to trying to say. Do we listen? Do we understand? Do we make an effort? Been thinking...

More often than not, we try to step into other's shoes wearing our own - which rather than helping the other person almost suffocates him/her. We try to get into their situations with all of our perceptions and thoughts and ifs and buts...resulting in a total chaos for self and them. Wish we operated differently...

P.S: Mili's red pair that I absolutely love - I wish I coud step into these :)

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Here I am.

Sometimes there is a push - an expectation which you want to come to terms with. Because you don't want to let down. I like when that push comes my way and I like it even more when I live up to it. Great guns. :) August did not finally go without a post from me.
A lot has happened - my last two months went by in putting things into perspective - a long cherished dream of holding up an exhibition finally on grounds. Almost over and done with. Pretty satisfied at the end of the day. I had all my close ones with and by my side, whether in thoughts or in reality. Thanks. Its like something is forever on your mind and then it materializes. Good. A pat on my back.
What next? Well, lots of work at the moment and then we shall see. :)
November Rain - full on in my mind. I like to see the positivity that lies in that one line which for some strange reasons I did not see for long. Until ofcourse someone pointed it out. Its strange - you see things that you want to and read things that you actually want to. Nothing really beyond that.
Today is a new day and tomorrow shall be another new day - I sleep with a hope that tomorrow is not too late. Ofcourse thanking God for all that I have and have had.
Cheers. A lot to write really - lot more than my mind can handle. Slowly, eventually - go with the flow.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

The breakthrough...

....Obstacles come your way and reactions of various types block your way - its the breakthrough factor that counts.

'Every behaviour of yours is a reflection of the 'principles' you have set in your lives'. I quite believe in that. You need to constantly be aware of the principles that govern your life. And your beliefs. You can chose to be negative, or you can chose to be positive. You can let situations impact you or you can chose to take control of the situations. Often times 90-10 rule helps. 10% of life is made up of what happens to you (on which you have NO control). But, 90% of life is decided by how you react (which only YOU control). How very true.

My boss told me about the 90-10 rule and ever since then he has given me situations where I could implement it. I am glad he took time off to make me understand the apply it in my life. It works. try it out.

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Unorganized me...

One of those days when I totally cleaned up everything that I came across at home..and then realized how very unorganized I have been all these years. Fish. Terribly upset with myself for being so lazy in life that in one day I spend almost 8 hours trying to arrange things in my wardrobe. The arrangement done was an overkill I guess when I stacked up all blacks on one side, and white on the other and thereby stacking up clothes according to colors. I realized I have over 9 black shirts and almost every other color in my wardrobe except a yellow! Green was another color which was never in my list but I picked up 2-3 greens in last one month so am good on that one. :) Ab ye tou too much ho gaya...talking about my wardrobe and the colors there...!

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Hard Rock..

...It's strange how I detest hard rock after an hour of listening it yet for the very first one hour, it just goes into my blood, running through my veins. This time, I am talking about 'Death magnetic' - another of those beuatiful albums by Metallica. There is something about those songs...the bass, the beats, and the guitar. man, they are just awesome. I think I almost froze my ears yesterday evening by listening non stop for 2 hours on full on volumes - primarily 'The judas Kiss' and 'The apocalypse' and "The suicide and redemption'. The first 3 minutes of music in this last song just took my breath away - I have never thought metallica to be as powerful as they seemed, specially after the split they had. 'Unforgiven III' is also not good, though not really as appealing as the first one which is my all time favourite.
So much for rock - I also bought another cd 'The ultimate rock collection' with songs from deep purple, poison, whitesnake, and few others...kind of okay..the cd buzzes with the first number being 'rock you like a hurricane' - that famous number we have heard umpteen times.
What I really need now is a decent collection of trance - in last 3 months, I have bought 4 cds (one of them being ARMIN) yet the collection seems to die out after first two songs...yesterday I looked through Planet M and Music World for good trance (any of the Armins, paul, Judge J) but did not find a single one. Someone tell me where do I get the album 76.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Long time indeed...

...a very very long time. Was on a photography break as well as blogging break. Somehow I seem to have lost interest in both.
Was it a phase? I hope this is a phase.
So much has happened since I last left from here - no start or end to conclude - life goes on. It most definitely does. I will not get into the eventualities of what it does to you. :) Hota hai, jindagi hai. Chalne do.
Work front - full fledged. I see myself dwelving deeper into the project. Thanks to my boss, he helped me in getting into the hang of things. Guess that was one thing really needed for me to come up the curve. Not perfect yet..but atleast I make an effort to be one. That is the key for me. Phase 2 begins and simultaneously Phase 3 assessment is going on. Important to handle it carefully. So I will.
Photography - pretty much a break from flickr. After my pushkar clicks, I did not touch my camera. But yes, I did click random flowers during my Subatu trip - a pretty refreshing trip it was. Pleasant, quite, peaceful. ben experimenting with lightroom for a while now - initially it irritated me, and then it really interested me.
Music - majorly on Trance these days...actually a mix of trance and techno. I am now planning to sink myself in Linking Park for sometime - I hated it when I first heard the band...somehow sounded rappy to me..discussed with a friend and cared to give it another ear...and man, I liked what I heard....
Next week I travel to Jaipur again - this time more than photography, I think I will indulge in a bit of shopping...just wish to change my routine a bit...being back old me...with a dash of the newie me...!

So long...god bless.